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Killer Booty Wedgie

I fell in love with this girl. Her ass is just eating those shorts up. She doesn’t pull her romper out of her ass crack until the very end. Such a nice body…worth the watch!

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Support Our Troops

These 2 latinas are making money off getting pics taken. But pics are not fun anymore, we need video. Tightly wrapped booty, see through shorts, white thong, camel toe, yum!

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Oops…Dress Flies Up

Accidental wardrobe malfunctions are great. It’s a free peek! It’s even better when it’s recorded. Watch the vent blow air up this chic’s dress as she has trouble getting it back down!

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Sheer Leggings In Public

Spring Break is over but we still see this girl’s thong underwear as if she was at the pool. Her booty is shaped perfect as she walks around and it jiggles every step. A classic!

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Booty Shake

A pool party during spring break is a perv’s dream. The bikini’s get smaller every year and more booty is on display. She shakes hers in this video for everyone!

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Sexy Teal Bikini

This girl looks like she’s showing off some extra booty with that bikini. I’m assuming that bikini’s of the 90’s won’t be found at the spring break pool parties. I’m ok with that!

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Spring Break Beauty

We are still going with Spring Break booty poolside. Seems like there’s more and more of these one-piece bikinis out and about. I love how the ass is cut on them revealing basically their whole ass!

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Underwater Grope

Who likes underwater voyeur?  This horny Asian girl was getting groped by a dude and loving it. Her top is clearly see through exposing her hard, big-brown and nipples!

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Lovely Bikini Booty

Ed Sheeran sang a song about the shape of her ass. It’s nearly perfect. It reminds me of the peach emoji. Another new spring break pool candid only at Pedasstrian!

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Spring Break at the pool always promises booty. Some feel a little more promiscuous than others. I have an example here….g-string bikini. Not much is left to the imagination but I’m not mad!

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Underwater Thong Peep

Full creep mode here! Another Spring breaker hanging out by the pool, but this one is in the pool. She shakes her ass underwater to the beat in her little thong bikini. That’s lovely!

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Nice Cheeky One Piece

This lovely girl is wearing a one piece bikini. I noticed they are popular now among the young girls. They are not the traditional ones though, these have more ass exposed!